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Sam Maloof Woodworker Today

The very same craftsmanship and spirit that makes a piece of Maloof furniture legendary continues to exist in every piece produced today. 

Detail Shot of Print Stand Mechanism

At Sam Maloof Woodworker, our goal is to execute each piece so that it becomes a tribute to Sam, upholding his legacy of fine craftsmanship and design.

- Mike Johnson

Mike sanding on a Rocking Chair

In 2017 Mike Johnson assumed ownership as Sam wished of Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. His wife, Joanne, is Business Manager and their son, Stephen, assists Mike in the shop.

Sam Maloof Woodworker is now a small, family owned and operated business that continues to work in Sam's original workshop hand crafting exceptionally fine furniture from beautiful woods while keeping the Sam Maloof legacy, style, and craftsmanship alive.

Stephen oiling a Rocking Chair

Stephen, who has worked in the Maloof shop for nearly 12 years, is being trained by Mike to build, shape, and finish the furniture, to the level that has become expected from the Maloof name. He also is responsible for maintaining the business' social media and online shop.

Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. was established by Sam and with his blessings carries on his work now that he is gone. No other person or company has been given the rights to reproduce and market his designs. 

Sam Maloof Woodworker Inc. offers an array of fine hand crafted furniture for residential and commercial use, including chairs, tables, free standing case goods, and accessories. Critically acclaimed designs from the 1950's to the present are available in several different wood species. The shop is also busy with restorations and repairs of early Maloof furniture.


Mike, Sam, and Stephen in 1995


Stephen, age 4, visiting the shop in 1992


Joanne and Sam in 1995

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