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Templates hanging in Sam Maloof's Original Workshop

The Sam Maloof Workshop was where Sam and his assistants made each piece and where hundreds of Sam's templates still hang, ready to produce new pieces today.

Sam Maloof's Original Workshop Space
Front Door to the Sam Maloof Workshop

“Without a doubt the work that I saw being produced in the Maloof workshop was the best workmanship I have seen. I have never seen wood shaped to such perfection and I doubt I ever will again. Every curve, line and detail was just right. What I discovered at the Maloof workshop has forever changed my perception of what fine woodworking really is.” 

Anton Gerner, Australian Wood Review Magazine 

“Sam may have passed in body but his spirit is living on through the pieces coming out of the shop, Physical Poetry.” 

Hugh Birt, a woodworking fan

Shaping Room at Sam Maloof
Machine Room
Sam Maloof wood shed
Claro Walnut Slabs in Woodshed

Mike Johnson, Sam’s long time associate, who worked closely with the master woodworker for over 30 years, along with his son, Stephen, continue to work in Sam’s original Historic Workshop crafting exceptionally fine furniture in original Maloof designs, from beautiful woods, which Sam hand picked and collected throughout his career. 

Stephen and Mike in Sam's Original Workshop
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